Selena Gomez Sparks Dating Rumors with Musician Benny Blanco

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Selena Gomez Sparks Dating Rumors with Musician Benny BlancoSelena Gomez, the 31-year-old singer and actress, has set the internet abuzz with speculation about her new romance with musician Benny Blanco, 35. The rumors began on Thursday, December 7, when Gomez seemingly confirmed the relationship via her Instagram Story. She posted a selfie of herself resting her head on a mystery man, along with a caption expressing her appreciation and love for her fans. This sparked a frenzy of speculation, with many fans and media outlets speculating that the mystery man was Blanco.

Selena Gomez’s New Boyfriends Instagram Clues

Gomez’s Instagram activity further fueled the rumors. She reacted to a fan account that reposted a clip from the December 4 episode of her show “Selena + Chef,” in which she admitted to having a crush on someone. The account expressed hope for Gomez and her crush, to which Gomez responded with a winky face. She also liked and replied to posts speculating about her relationship with Blanco, with comments such as “He is my absolute everything in my heart” and “Facts,” seemingly confirming the romance.

Defending the Relationship

In response to fans’ comments and questions about her relationship with Blanco, Gomez defended their romance, stating, “If you actually care about me, this is my happiest. If you don’t, feel free to say whatever you want. But I will never allow your words to guide my life. Ever. I’m done. If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in my life at all.” She also emphasized that Blanco has been the best thing that’s ever happened to her and that she will always defend her friends, family, and fans.

The Timeline

Gomez’s relationship with Blanco has been the subject of speculation for some time. In July, Blanco was present at Gomez’s 31st birthday party, and in September, Gomez uploaded a TikTok video in which she mouthed an audio saying, “Guess who has a boyfriend?” These instances, along with their recent social media activity, have led many to believe that the two have been dating for several months.


While neither Gomez nor Blanco has officially confirmed their relationship, Gomez’s recent Instagram activity and comments have strongly suggested that the two are indeed dating. Fans and the media continue to speculate about the nature of their romance, and many are eagerly awaiting further developments.In summary, Selena Gomez’s recent Instagram posts and comments have sparked widespread speculation about her relationship with musician Benny Blanco. While the two have not officially confirmed their romance, Gomez’s comments and activity on social media strongly suggest that they are indeed dating. Fans and the media are closely following the story and eagerly awaiting further updates.

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